A Circle Without A Center

Life is understanding, living is War.

Jonathan | ENTP | 19

For the fundamentals of Life, the ends must justify the means and vice versa. For the rest of Life, go nuts.

What is this magic we speak of that is sometimes called FIZZICKS?

We can only approximate ourselves in interaction.
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so inconsiderate

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I had a teacher who refused to let any of us say “its okay” because of this exact reason.

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Glad You Came - With Violin 


The chorus is magnificent and I love how he smiles as he plays!!! *U*


Seriously, just take three minutes and acknowledge this beautiful young brother and his talent. It’s worth it.

One of mt favorite things about human beings is when you can really SEE how much passion and love a person has for something.

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While carrying out a liquid-liquid extraction using dichloromethane and a sample of lake water, Jennifer Apell, a graduate student at MIT, observed the formation of an emulsion in the sample, likely due to the presence of certain chemicals in the water. When she let the dichloromethane and water separate, air bubbles became trapped by the emulsion layer at the dichloromethane/water interface, creating the effect seen in this picture. Apell is studying the bioavailable concentration of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in contaminated water bodies to assess their risk to living organisms.  

Credit: Submitted by Jennifer Apell (Enter our photo contest here.)




Through science, we learn how incredible our story truly is. It’s a story that’s literally been written in the stars. It’s a story that is still unfolding. And it’s a story that every single one of us is a part of.

When you’re in love, you want to tell the world." - Carl Sagan

I’m more direct than I used to be. Life’s too short to suffer half-truths and inefficiencies. Be honest. Be open. It’s magic.

Sanity tips from Liz Danzico, creative director at NPR (among an impressive roster of other things) – a fine addition to our ongoing archive of sage advice.

And lest we forget, the key to staying sane is also about being honest with ourselves